Wii emulator

Wii emulator for Windows? Yes, its a reality in 2008. I don’t think many people would have excepted to see a Wii emulator for at least a couple of years, but this goes to show you how talented some coders are i guess ;-). As of now, Dolphin is the only Wii emulator available, which is also a Gamecube emulator. Wii emulator compatibility is very low. Some games show their intro movies, that’s it. There is preliminary Wiimote emulation but it does not work yet.

Wii emulators

Wii emulator Description
Dolphin Dolphin has preliminary support for Wii emulation and Triforce emulation. Dolphin is also a Gamecube emulator.
Dolphin 64 bit 64 bit optimized version of Dolphin, Wii emulator and Gamecube emulator.