PS2 emulator

PS2 Emulator

Due to how young PS2 emulator is there are not currently any emulators that are capable of fully running retail titles at full speed. One PS2 emulator, called PCSX2 is capable of running some retail games, and homebrew demos. However, even though PCSX2 is easily the best PS2 emulator available for any platform, and the only known emulator to run retail games, the speed of this emulator is still quite slow (on today’s PCs). PCSX2’s emulator compatibility isn’t overly high either. However, the mere fact that PS2 emulators exists, and PCSX2 is even capable of running retail games is an amazing accomplishment, especially when you see the tech specs of the PS2. All emulators below are considered works-in-progress. Due to their development stage many of these emulators may exhibit stability issues with PS2 games. In order to use these emulators, you will need the PS2 emulator BIOS. For those who have been coming to this site since the 90’s know the story about Sony and their BIOS, so for that reason, we will not provide the PS2 emulator BIOS here. (HAW). Instead, we will provide the best PS2 emulator available for download for PC.

Playstation 2 Emulators

PCSX2 SVN beta
Most current version of the best Playstation 2 emulator available. Public beta.
PCSX v0.9.6 (install version)
Playstation 2 emulator (full install version). Plays commercial games.
PCSX v0.9.6 (file version)
Playstation 2 emulator (file version). Plays commercial games.
PCSX2 v0.9.1
Older version of this Playstation 2 emulator.
PS2emu 0.1
Playstation 2 emulator.
Playstation 2 emulator.