No$gba Gameboy Advance / Nintendo DS Emulator

NO$GBA (Nocash Game Boy Advance) is a Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS emulator for. NO$GBA supports most Nintendo DS homebrew, and a majority of commercial ROMs. NO$GBA includes a variety of options for emulation, including multiple save types, and multiple cartridge reading. NO$GBA is also able to load multiple GBA/NDS ROM files for the purpose of multiplayer functions. NO$GBA is considered one of the most accurate emulators for the NDS and GBA around, however, it does have some compatibility issues. These include the fact the emulator is fairly CPU intensive to run with full 3D support, some games, such as Orcs & Elves and Duck Amuck do not run, due to problems with video codecs, Multiplayer functions may not work for all players, depending on NO$GBA’s ability to install the nocashio driver, and there is currently no known support for Nintendo WFC or using GBA games in the second slot while running a NDS ROM. No$GBA is also the only current Gameboy Advance emulator that can emulate multiple gameboys at the same time and link them for multiplayer gameplay. This will let you trade Pokemons on emulator and play all the GB Multiplayer games. Note that No$GBA does NOT support ZIP files so you have to unzip roms before you play.

File Name: No$gba v2.6a
File Size: 151.5 KiB
Date Added: January 24, 2008
Downloads: 58,541

Download: No$gba v2.6a