N64 Emulator

The first N64 emulator to appear was Ultrahle emulator back in the year 1999. UltraHLE n64 emulator shocked the emulator “sk3n3” at the time, able to run most n64 games at full or near full speed with sound on 1999 based PCs. The thought of a N64 emulator back then was unheard of, at the time, PCs struggled to run SNES emulators and Genesis emulators, as well as a lot of more modern MAME games. Today, n64 emulator usage is common for those who use emulators. Even the PSP has a n64 emulator. Since 1999, N64 emulators like Project64 and 1964 came along. The best N64 emulator today is easily Project64. 1964 emulator isn’t too far behind, but neither emulator seem to be updated much anymore. Emulators can run games like the the Mario Kart rom, Starfox rom, and Zelda rom,  Turok & Goldeneye roms on your computer. N64 ROMs are available from ripped cartridges, and generally range in size from 5 to 32 megabytes, with some game as large as 70 megs! The Nintendo 64 emulators previously mentioned can  run most games on newer computers pretty much with ease.

Nintendo 64 emulators

Project 64
The best N64 emulator, bar none.
1964 (official build)
Another very good/complete N64 Emulator.
1964 (unofficial build)
Unofficial build. Faster than original. Goldeneye works at a real 60fps.
Nintendo 64 emulator. - Unofficial INI file which adds support for more games.
UltraHLE V1.1.0
Hacked source version of UltraHLE N64 Emulator.
The fastest N64 Emulator.
Lizard 64 (install)
N64 Emulator.
Lizard 64 (file)
N64 Emulator.
N64 Emulator.
UltraHLE 2064
Hacked version of UltraHLE by The Company.
Hacked version of UltraHLE
Portable N64 Emulator.
Open source N64 emulatorl.