Multi console and computer system emulators for Linux/Unix/FreeBSD

This page contains emulators that run multiple console and computer systems for Linux/Unix/FreeBSD, and so on. The popular choice of emulator in this game is generally SDLMESS, which is based on the SDLMAME source code. SDLMESS runs over 100 different machines including Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Colecovision, Ti/994a, NES, Intellivision and so on.

Emulator Description
Mednafen Mednafen is a portable, utilizing OpenGL and SDL, argument(command-line)-driven multi-system emulator with many advanced features. The Atari Lynx, GameBoy (Color), GameBoy Advance, NES, PC Engine(TurboGrafx 16), SuperGrafx, Neo Geo Pocket (Color), PC-FX, and WonderSwan (Color) are emulated.
SDLMESS SDLMESS is based on the popular SDLMAME that supports over a hundred different console and computer system emulators. This is the source code, and will need to be compiled in order to run.
Xe Xe is a multi system emulator for Windows and Linux that emulates many console and handheld video game systems of the past. Xe is an original emulator written from scratch by one person. It is not a port or collection of other emulators.
Vice Vice emulates the C64, the C128, the VIC20, almost all PET models, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610).