GEST 0.85

File Name: GEST 0.85
File Size: 305.8 KiB
Date Added: February 26, 2007
Downloads: 31
Description: GEST is an open source gameboy emulator that features: * emulates the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy * video size select * you can choose from two color palettes in Game Boy mode * battery backed RAM saved to a file * Game Boy Camera emulation * Rumble emulation * Autofire buttons * Save states * Video layers can be disabled * Sound channels can be disabled * GBA stretch emulation * GBC default palettes when playing non GBC games can be changed during gameplay * Game Genie cheat codes (up to 10 can be used at the same time) * zipped roms supported * SGB multiplayer (2-4 players) * MBC3 and HuC3 RTC emulation

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