Gameboy Emulator

Gameboy emulator has been around since 1994. The first Gameboy Emulator I ever found was Mugrat’s VGB back in 1994 on some BBS with a bunch of Roms, (before I had internet access). At the time, his piece of trash emulator didn’t have sound, and didn’t support Game Boy Color emulator. Today, there are many emulators to choose from, thankfully, many of Gameboy emulators are far superior to the garbage Mugrat emulator. The best Gameboy Emulator today is generally considered to be Virtual Boy Advance (or VBA for short).

Nintendo Gameboy emulators

Visual Boy Advance
Easily the best Gameboy / Gameboy Advance emulator available..
Gameboy emulator supporting link function.
Another gameboy emulator that supports the link function.
Gameboy Color Emulator.
The only known Gameboy emulator written in Visual Basic.
GEST is an open source gameboy emulator.