DS Emulator

DS Emulator or for our Spanish users DS emulador are fairly new and always indevelopment. DS emulator or DS Emulador¬† is a program you run on your computer that allows you to run NDS ROMs free on your computer. These can be considered Pokemon emulator, as that is the idea of the DS emulator. This page is dedicated to one thing and that is Nintendo DS emulation and working NDS emulator download. It has been designed to make it easy for users to follow latest developments in NDS emulator scene as well as download emulator files all in one place. We test the emulators and write out step by step instruction on how to use it. Also for every DS emu we have gathered the information about compatible nds roms so that you don’t have to test all of them. If you do find another rom that works let us know. If you are looking for a NDS rom emulator that can play commercial DS Games downloaded from the internet – try No$GBA DS Emulator – NoGBA can run GBA and DS roms on PC and NO$GBA DS Emulador can also run Gameboy Advance games it even supports multiplayer link. Also, you can try iDeaS DS emulator. While not as advanced as NO$GBA, it still can run some NDS rom.

Nintendo DS emulators

Nintendo DS emulator Description
DeSmuME 0.7.0 DeSmuME is the first Nintendo DS emulator that can some commercial games.
DeSmuME Unofficial WIP Unofficial builds of DeSmuME by amponzi that has more features and supports more games..
iDeaS Nintendo DS Emulator.
NO$GBA Nintendo DS / Gameboy Advance emulator.
DSemu Nintendo DS Emulator.
Dualis Plugin based Nintendo DS Emulator.