Dolphin – Nintendo Gamecube Emulator for Windows (64bit ONLY)

Dolphin is now the most advanced GameCube emulator available. This Gamecube emulator does play some commercial games, such as Bust-a-Move 3000, The Legend Of Zelda : The Windwaker, Super Mario, Wario World, etc. The main processor of the Gamecube is a PowerPC derivative running at 485MHz with some additional SIMD instructions. It is extremely time consuming to emulate and is the main bottleneck of Dolphin. The Gamecube “Art-X” graphics chip is probably the most complex ever seen in a console, except maybe the NV20+ in the XBox. Unlike the NV20 the Art-X is very different from PC hardware, so it requires a lot of computer power to emulate, and it may not be possible to support all features. It can do some very weird stuff like having two alpha compare operations that can in turn be xored, anded orwhatever, and has performance counters that are impossible to emulate properly that may be used/abused for purposes like occlusion culling, as has been seen already (the weird boxes in Mario Sunshine). Coverage queries may possibly be used on hardware that supports them to fake this feature reasonably. Also its texturing abilities are extremely advanced, right up there with the XBox and in some areas even more feature rich. That is why Radeon 9500+ / Geforce FX is the minimu specification for running this Gamecube emulatorDolphin properly. The Gamecube has 24 megs of fast RAM and 16 megs of slower”ARAM”, primarily used for audio but can also be used as a temporary scratch space. The Gamecube has a custom DSP for audio with an unknowninstruction set. It will be possible to HLE sound in many games, those that use the AX library, but we are not sure about the others yet. A simple type of streaming music (used by a few games) has already been somewhat emulated.

File Name: Dolphin R4466 - Nintendo Wii and Gamecube Emulator for 64 bit Windows ONLY
File Size: 8.1 MiB
Date Added: October 24, 2009
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Description: Nintendo Wii and Gamecube Emulator for Windows (64bit OS VERSIONS ONLY)

Download: Dolphin R4466 - Nintendo Wii and Gamecube Emulator for 64 bit Windows ONLY