WinUAE 2.0.0 beta 26 is easily the best Amiga emulator available for Windows. This is RC4 of the Beta phase, and is the last before the full public release. This update has these changes since the last Win UAE 2.0.0 public beta:

Beta 26: (RC4. This is really final RC or this never gets released..)

– in some specific cases copper didn’t use its allocated cycle because it thought it was reserved for BPL DMA (broke in early 2.0 betas. Rebels Megademo “Made in Sweden” part)
– CPU writes to COPJMPx caused copper to start fetching instruction words instantly, using same cycle as CPU. Added 1 extra copper idle cycle if COPJMPx was written by CPU (harmless, caused only DMA debugger warnings)
– 68020 CE emulation become very slow if most accesses were cache hits and froze if all acceses were cache hits

Download WinUAE 2.0.0 beta 26