WinUAE 2.0.0 beta 21 is easily the best Amiga emulator available for Windows. This update has these changes since the last Win UAE 2.0.0 public beta:

– stupid b20 VPOSR bug fixed (upper vpos bits returned “random” data when new frame was about to start)
– “manual” BPL1DAT write update, Sequential / Andromeda “Magnet”-part
– interrupt delay changed to 5.5 (was 6) color clocks (<=5: Gleat Stuff #1 breaks, >=6: Warhead audio breaks)
– reading non-existing memory in 68000 CE-mode was broken (upper byte was always zero), fixes Time Machine (game has buggy IFF animation reader, IFF parser checks end of file incorrectly and keeps reading “random” data and accessing “random” memory)
– ProWizard promizer20 converter update (Asle)
– only autodetect PC/Atari ST image files if file name extension is known (adf, adz, st, ima or img)
– file dialog file type setting is stored to registry/ini
– some work with serial port emulation via UDP (ENET). May or may not be implemented before final 2.0. (if you are wondering about ENET in serial port settings..) NOTE: do not expect most serial linked games to work, at least via Internet.. null-modem games expect extremely low latencies.

Download WinUAE 2.0.0 beta 21