Gals Panic S3

I’d wondered for a while what ‘Gals Panic S3? would be like. The last Kaneko ‘Nova’ platform release, it released 3 years after the prequel (Gals Panic S2), and after some failed (never released) experimentation with a 3d addon for the hardware, I always wondered if it would add anything of it’s own to the system, in terms of either hardware, or as a unique game.

A few days ago, Uki dumped a copy of it, and I hooked it up to the driver for him.

Somewhat disappointingly it worked straight away, the hardware was 100% stock ‘Nova’ hardware. I guess it should be testament to the driver that it ‘just worked’, but part of me was hoping they’d added something new, or it would reveal some new bugs for me to fix.

The actual game seems to be a stripped down version of the previous Gals Panic S games, with more focused gameplay, it feels like everything has been chopped down to the minimum for the gameplay to function, from the ‘frontend’ to the gameplay, everything seems very immediate. There doesn’t really seem to be much new, a lot of the graphics are recycled from the previous game, as is the gameplay, which probably explains why it didn’t require any work to support in the driver. The biggest shame is that the attract loop is so short, just a single level where nothing really happens.

I don’t know if this ’streamlined’ style was a design choice, or just the results of a company running out of money and wanting to put something out quickly as a last resort, but overall, it works fairly well. There’s nothing spectacular, and if you’re looking for something new, not especially interesting, but it acts as a good summary as to what Gals Panic is about.

.. and of course, they managed to squeeze some Engrish in there anyway, DICIDED!