okaygo has released his i guess “unofficial hacked version” (Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows)

Mupen64++ Beta

What has changed:

– Added a few more plugins, two new audio, two new video.
No Sound (speed, no audio) / schibo’s audio (speed, poor audio)
Glide64 (accurate, fast, depends on video card) / Latest Rice Build (accurate, medium speed, compatible)
– Rewrote memory allocation for plugins, and thus increased the core speed. (Win32 only)
– Rewrote plugin initiation making things more compatible, and stable at the same time. (No more video crashes knock on wood)
– Removed a fail-safe which was reported to go off at random. (Kaillera only)
– Mupen remembers if you had it maximized, and the current position of the screen before the game loads, and after it terminates.
– Added some runtime files for older computers.

Please continue to post bugs/requests and encourage people to test with you, this will continue the development of this emulator, and ensure its continuation. I will post the source when I end the Beta, I do not know if this is the last beta build.


– okaygo